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Your money is only in your device. You are the only person who has access to your money. There is no server to steal money from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Backup words are the crypto equivalent of passwords in your bank. They are the only way to access your funds. You lose your assets if you lose the backup words. Beware that you cannot regenerate your backup words if you lose them.
It is stored only in your device. We have no access to it.
It is the fee that you pay for computation in the Ethereum network. It is collected by miners and we don't take any cut from it.
A slippage protects you from volatility when you exchange currencies. By specifying how many percentage you are willing to tolerate, you can specify the minimum amount you get from a transaction. In case you cannot get the minimum amount, your transaction will fail.
The interest rate in the Compound changes every 15 seconds. Thus, we cannot accurately predict the yearly interest rate. We predict the interest rate from historical data.